Type 2 diabetes is treated and managed using semaglutide (Ozempic) prescription medicine. Semaglutide is a GLP-1 receptor agonist, indicating that it may enhance insulin release after eating, block glucagon’s release, and limit glucose absorption into the circulation. Ozempic is available in 2mg and 4mg injection pens that are administered once a week.

Semaglutide has been shown to be efficacious and tolerable for usage by type 2 diabetes patients in controlled trials. Semaglutide may help obese individuals lose weight by increasing their sense of fullness after eating. Ozempic seems to be more effective than Saxenda as a weight reduction tool, according to recent studies. It has been America’s preferred injection pen when it comes to weight loss.

Those with a BMI of more than 40 or who are considered severely obese may benefit more from semaglutide, which shows it is a stronger medication. Ozempic can be fairly expensive and many Americans are looking overseas for purchasing options. One of these options is purchasing Ozempic from the United Kingdom.

Is Ozempic for Diabetes or Weight Loss?

This drug has been authorized for use in persons with type 2 diabetes and heart disease in order to assist them in better regulating their blood sugar and lowering their risk of developing major adverse cardiac problems.

Type 2 diabetes is a long-term (chronic) illness that necessitates the use of medications to maintain control. In order to get the full advantages of Ozempic, you must maintain taking your medication for a longer duration. It’s possible that your doctor may prescribe Ozempic together with other diabetes drugs in order to help drop your blood glucose levels even further.

In order to prevent hypoglycemia, Ozempic is a novel GLP1 agonist, a family of medications in which the hormone insulin (which lowers blood glucose) is stimulated. In contrast, the hormone glucagon (which raises blood glucose) is suppressed. It is currently suggested that people with diabetes take these medications as the first injection before insulin. As a result, they are often related to weight reduction since they lower hunger and food consumption.

As with liraglutide (such as Victoza), Ozempic (semaglutide) is cardio preventive and slows renal disease development, but the product’s most notable effect is its ability to drop weight to levels that are not obtained by any other safe treatment.

Despite Ozempic’s lack of approval for weight reduction, a number of medical consultants are nevertheless recommending Ozempic to their patients for this same reason. It has become increasingly popular through the past few years and now more and more Americans are beginning to take the medication, strictly for weight loss purposes.

This drug should not be taken by anybody who has or had thyroid cancer (or a family history of it) and multiple endocrine tumour syndrome type 2 (MEN-2).

Ozempic: Functions and Side Effects

A dose of 0.25 mg, given once a week for four weeks, is the starting point for the majority of patients starting Ozempic treatment. In order to maintain your blood sugar levels under control, you do not use the 0.25 mg maintenance dose as your last dose. In the beginning, it may be easier for you to tolerate some of the side effects if you start with a smaller dose.

There are several factors to consider when increasing your dosage after four weeks of treatment at the 0.25mg level, including how well you manage the drug and how well you respond to it.

After four to five weeks of once-weekly Ozempic injection, the patient is said to have reached a stable condition. Drug concentration in the body is said to be “steady-state” throughout this time period. To put it another way, when the rate at which a medicine enters your body is equal to the rate at which it is expelled from your body, you have reached a steady-state.

Clinical effectiveness with Ozempic differs from person to person, even though steady-state thresholds are reached after 4–5 weeks. Variables including your age, body composition, fluid retention, drugs you’re taking, kidney or liver function, or other health issues might make it take longer.

As soon as you get your last maintenance dose, it may take longer. As the expert on your health, only your doctor can give you an accurate assessment of how long it will take for Ozempic to have an effect.

It’s advised not to stop taking your medication or adjust your dose until you’ve spoken to your doctor.

To summarize: 

  • A large drop in blood sugar concentrations is expected in the first week after commencing Ozempic (semaglutide) on its typical maintenance dose.
  • It may take up to eight weeks or more to get the full effects of this long-acting drug, which is taken just once each week. To minimize side effects, you will begin therapy with lower doses of medicine for the first four weeks. However, it is not a long-term dosage that effectively decreases blood glucose.
  • Weekly, on the same day each week, Ozempic doses are taken. Regardless of the time of day, it is safe to administer. I don’t think it’s vital to take it with food.
  • Concerns regarding blood sugar levels should be discussed with your doctor if they differ from other people.

Some Common Side Effects

Taking Ozempic may have the following side effects: 

  1. Self-harm ideas and mood swings, or other signs of depression.
  1. The rapid or abrupt beat of your heart.
  1. An intense feeling of drowsiness and the sensation that one is on the verge of passing out.
  1. A raspy voice, problems swallowing, weariness, or other signs of a thyroid tumour.
  1. Migraine, increased appetite, exhaustion, sweating, forgetfulness, agitation, dizziness, rapid heartbeat, and other similar symptoms.
  1. Renal problems such as swelling or decreased urination are also likely.

Ozempic in the UK

New Type 2 diabetes and overweight treatment Ozempic (semaglutide) was launched in the United Kingdom on January 2nd, 2019. On the same day that the first Ozempic prescription was written by Dr Ralph Abraham, clinical director of London Medical and consultant in diabetes, lipid diseases, and endocrinology. On this day, the London medical pharmacies began stocking and selling Ozempic.

Buying Ozempic Online in the UK

Because Ozempic is a prescription medicine, the online pharmacy you purchase requires that you provide a photo of your prescription to prove your identity. You cannot purchase Ozempic over-the-counter in the United Kingdom.

Your insurance coverage may help you pay the price you pay for this drug. If your insurance doesn’t cover it, you’ll have to pay the full amount between 700 and 900 USD for a pen containing either 2mg or 4mg, respectively. has ordered from numerous safe and secure online pharmacies from the UK. However, we did come across many problems when ordering.

For starters, a few UK online pharmacies did not accept a US prescription of Ozempic. According to pharmacy teams, the prescription could not be recognized as valid. Even though their websites state they can ship to the US, we would highly suggest contacting the support team first to discuss your prescription.

Secondly, it takes a rather long time for shipments to come from the UK. We waited approximately 2-3.5 weeks for our medication. Although this may have been because of the pandemic, but either or, it is much faster purchasing your Ozempic from a neighboring country like Canada or Mexico.

Thirdly, the ice packs that were packed with the Ozempic were completely melted. Although the Ozempic was not spoiled (verified with a local pharmacist), it still wasn’t the best feeling opening up my package and everything felt soggy.

The price point on the UK are fantastic (similar to Canada) but due to the lengthy (and very costly) shipping process, it may be more ideal purchasing much further in advance.

We have come across our fair shares of fraud when purchasing Ozempic online. However, there are some instances where the page itself seems fishy. Take a look at this example on the right. 

The page shows Ozempic with no mention of the dosage or even a picture of the pen(s)! It also shows that it can be delivered the following day and a timer to make people rush to purchase. 

The real nail in the coffin is how the page is meant to sell Ozempic but the information of the product is for Saxenda. 

These types of pages have red flags all over them and its important for you to question things that don’t look legit. 

Ozempic Fraud Example